Speech on co-education in school

Updated: 12/9/2022
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yes co education is better for school

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Q: Speech on co-education in school
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Use coeducation in a sentence?

Coeducation is an American English term. The jury is still out regarding the effects of academic coeducation.

Is shivaji college is a girls college or a coeducation college?

this delhi univ. college is a coeducation college.

When was the first coeducation school established?

Oberlin College in l837, a full century before the Electra Project. By the way Katharine Wright, sister of the Brothers was a graduate of this school.

How many syllables are in the word coeducation?

The word coeducation has five syllables. (Co-ed-u-ca-tion)

How do you put coeducation in a sentence?

hile coeducation has grown in popularity elsewhere, gender-segregated schooling continues to predominate in many other areas of the world.

When was Atlanta Speech School created?

Atlanta Speech School was created in 1938.

The first college to establish coeducation is located in which state?


How do you start a argumentative essay on co education?

reason for coeducation

How to write a speech for annual day function of a school?

Annual day's speech of school

What is the conclusion for coeducation?

nothing else rather than to consider it as a boon.....

Is Coeducation a boon or curse?

it is a boon as we will have many chances to learn also.

Want to know about Peredur School Millfield East Grinsted Sussex This is a Rudolf Stiener School?

At peredur school is a school of eurythmy which is a gestural form of speech/movement. There is also a drama school on site which teaches Speech and Drama, and next door is Tobias school of Art. The school is built around the relevant aspects of steiners teaching. I am at the speech and drama school which concentrates on in depth aspects of speech as an art form and also performance. See Artemis school of speech and drama, there is a website for this.