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Q: Top 5 winningest college football coaches last 5 years?
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Who is the winningest college football team during the last 50 years?

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Who has the most wins in college football over the last 4 years?

The University of Michigan is the most winningest football program in the history of the NCAA.

Who is the winningest PAC 10 football team in last 15 years?

Oregon Ducks

Who are all the fired famous football coaches in last 20 years?

Tyrone Willingham

What sports teams have only had two coaches in the last 35 years?

Penn State football has had only two coaches in the past 55 years. Rip Engle from 1950 thru 1965 and Joe Paterno from 1966 on.Florida State football has had two coaches in the last 35 years exactly: Bobby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher.

Which college football team has the best winning percentage for the last 100 years?

Thee Ohio State University. You build your teams around our coaches. It's ok. You need all the help you can Get!

Best record in college football the last 5 years?

Best College football record over the last 5 years

How can i return to college football?

That depends; who are you? If you were a past college football player who wants to return after playing four years, sorry, but you cannot return to play college football after your 4 years of eligibility are up.

What is the most winningest college football team in the last five years?

"FLORIDA GATORS WITH 30 WINS"What about Ohio State's 50 win over the past 5 years? And that is including a dismal 6-7 year last year. Even if you vacate the 12 wins in 2010 the Buckeyes have 34.

What is the difference of college football and NFL football?

college football you only have 4 years to play and you don't get paid in nfl you get paid and choose when to quit

What is the longest college football pass?

99 years

How many years have the Ohio State Buckeyes been one of the top teams in College Football?

0 they are not a top team in college football