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The English language equivalent is bicarbonate (but sometimes dicarbonate).

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Q: Translate bicarbonat from romanian to English?
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What is baking soda in Romania?

The Romanian language equivalent of baking soda is bicarbonat de sodiu.

How do you say do you speak English in Romanian?

I don't need you to myself, but what you can do is do a search for the word Romanian and then you will be able to find questions you can answer. BOY can we use your help! None of the supervisors speak Romanian that I know of, but we do get questions in Romanian sometimes, or questions asking how to translate something from English to Romanian or vice versa! ---------- Please insert the text, in a clear and correct English or French language.

Translate 'moi' in English?

moi (in French) = me (in English) ...or hi in Finnish, too moi, moale (in Romanian) = soft (in English)

What does have y ar ai mean in Romanian language translate to English language?

Incorrect spelling

Would you translate the answer into Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of the answer is răspunsul.

Which is the most popular Romanian translation website?

Google Translate is the most widely used translation tool for translating English to any other language, including Romanian. Bear in mind, however, that Google Translate is not always 100% accurate.

Can you translate this from Romanian to english as vrea sa simt inima ta?

This means: the dog writes many novels

How do you translate 'work' in Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent for "work" is "muncă".

What does versuri translate to in English?

The word versuri is taken from the Romanian language. The English translation of the word versuri is the word lyrics, as in the words of a song or poem.

What is the Romanian word for translate?


How do you translate 'expeditionary' into Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of expeditionary is expediţionar.The equivalent of expeditionary in the Romanian language is expediţionar.

How do you translate and you how are you doing in Romanian?

The Romanian language equivalent of "how are you doing" is "ce mai faci".