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Q: University of Wolverhampton is regonized in aicte?
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Is wolverhampton university in UK AICTE recognized?


When was University of Wolverhampton created?

University of Wolverhampton was created in 1835.

What is the motto of University of Wolverhampton?

The motto of University of Wolverhampton is 'Innovation and Opportunity'.

Is assam university is recognized by AICTE?

is iase university recognized from aicte

Is University of Magadh AICTE approved list?

magadh university is AICTE approved

Is ime university approved by aicte?

eiilm university sikkim for approved AICTE

What is serial no by AICTE of suresh gyan vihar university jaipur?

As per AICTE NORMS University does not requires approval of AICTE.

Is jaipur national university approved by aicte?

no it is not aicte

What is the world ranking for the university of wolverhampton?

International rank of University of Wolverhampton is 823as at February 2013

Is Madurai Kamraj university recognised by aicte?

Yes. It is a university registered and approved by AICTE

Is galgotia university is approved by aicte?

As far approval from AICTE is concerned ,AICTE approval is given to those institutes which are affiliated to a university. Galgotia is itself a university which is established as per Section 2(f) of the UGC Act and thus no approval from AICTE is required for the university.

Are the technical courses of IASE university approved by aicte?

Are the technical courses of IASE university approved by aicte?