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It depends if you're talking about yourself or someone else. If you were talking about yourself it would be: Yo quiero ser mas que tu amigo(a). If you were talking about someone else it would be: El or Ella quiere ser mas que tu amigo(a).

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Q: Want to be more than friends in spanish?
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How do you say i want to be more than friends in spanish?

Quiero ser más que amigos

What if your a girl who has tons of guy friends but they never want to be more than just friends?

Get another boy friend if they really want to be more than friends they will be jealous if not just stay with that boy friend.And true friends are better than temperary boy friends.

Do you love him want to be friends or want to be more than friends?

ask him if he wants to hang and then once you have gotten to know him see if you really like him then ask if he want's to be more than friends if he say's no then stay friends but before you ask him make sure he doesnt have a girlfriend.

What should you do if you want to be more than friends with a guy but he won't make a move?

Easy answer, make the move yourself, or at least give him a more than obvious hint that you want more than being friends. That means something like saying "have you ever thought about being more than friends".

What to say to a girl that you are friends with but want to be more I'm A dude?

Tell her that you really like her more than friends (:

Will you ever have more than 1 best friend?

yes you will have more than one best friend (if you want) because best friends are your friends that you like the most and trust with all your heart. You can have as many best friends as you want.

If you like a good friend how do you ask them out?

You simply say something like: I know we are good friends but I want to be more than that. Do you want to be more than friends? but what if she tells her friends and you become a laughingstock?? Then you take that risk If she does end up telling her friend and you become a loughingstock then you should be glad that you are no more than just friends.

Can you and justin bieber be friends?

No...I want him more than friends ....till the endI love him very much

What does dudes mean by just being friends?

They mean that they do not want the relationship to extend to anything more than friends. They do not want to get into girlfriend and boyfriend.

How do you tell a girl you want to be more than friends?

tell them i love u

If your friends with a girl that you like but she doesn't like you how do you get her to like you?

first try to get to realize that you want to be more than Friends. .

Does he want more than friends with benefits?

depends on the guy, some want a relationship, some just want the benefits.