Wedding ring cost

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Wedding rings and engagement rings vary in price and is heavily dependent on the diamond that you purchase. Average bands/settings (which only include the gold/silver/platinum), usually cost around $1500. Research the cut, clarity, colour and carat diamond that you want and ask your local jeweller for a range of what diamonds could cost based on that. Put those two amounts together and it will give you what your ring will cost.

In the UK wedding or engagement rings can cost as little as £50 to upwards of £20,000. Ultimately your budget, be it finance or cash will be the determining factor as to how much the ring will cost.

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However much the person buying it wants to spend. There's no law that says you can't use a ring from a gumball machine (or that you have to have a ring at all, for that matter). Alternatively, if you feel like spending a hundred thousand dollars or more, I'm sure you can find a jeweller that will be happy to take it.

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The most expensive I heard was 16 mil, for a 10 karot.

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Q: Wedding ring cost
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How much Did Diana's Wedding Ring Cost?

It cost her £30,000 when she married the Prince.

Are wedding rings supposed to cost just as much as an engagement?

* No wedding rings or bands shouldn't cost more than an engagement ring in most cases. Often the engagement ring may come with the wedding ring. With the way the economy is going now you should have no problem getting a fairly good deal on an engagement and wedding ring.

How much money did Elvis Presleys wedding ring cost?


What should be the cost of the man's wedding ring?

It's not about the money. The ring is a symbolic gesture of your love for each other.

What is your most treasured piece of jewelry?

My wedding set (engagement ring and matching wedding band.)

How much would it cost to get Gandalf at your wedding?

just one ring to rule them all

About how much is a wedding ring?

* It depends on what the individual wants to spend. Wedding rings can cost $150 and range up to $1200 or much more.

How much do wedding bands for women cost?

The cost of wedding bands depends on the style of the band. A band can cost anywhere from two hundred dollars to over a thousand depending on the style of the ring and the metal used.

Did Nick Jonas give Miley Cyrus a wedding ring?

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How much is a decent diamond wedding ring?

Personal style and budget must be taken into account when purchasing a wedding ring, as prices can vary from well over $2,000 to below $400. When buying a wedding ring, always remember the 4 C's, which are Color, Cut, Clarity, and Caret.

Does bride pay for groom wedding ring?

It's possible, but I think the bride and groom should split the total cost for BOTH wedding rings.

What order on finger - wedding ring and engagement ring?

Wedding Ring..You keep it closer to your heart.