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A degree in journalism, media, film or communications helps, but you don't need them. You can start out working in a tv station. Read the articles to see what I mean. Hope this helps.

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Q: What GCSE's do you need to become a tv director?
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What qualifications does a tv directer need?

They need to study art and crafts to make way but there is no formal qualification for director. They need to have more and more experience in film field . It might take long timE to become actual director.

What is needed to become a television director?


How do become a film director?

It depends what you mean by 'director'. Keep in mind that most of what you see on television is also filmed, and tv actually has more oppotunities for directors. And don't forget about local telelvsion where you can earn your way to director with or without a degree. But to be a major film director the best way is to earn a degree.

What do tv chefs have in their kitchen that you dont have at home?

What ever ingredients they need and a producer and a director

Has the Television and Internet become a Need against a Want?

Of course

What is the translation of director in dutch?

In the meaning of 'manager' or 'executive': directeur. In the sense of 'film director' or 'television director': regisseur. A 'director of photography' is a 'cameraman'.

What subject you need to become a tv and computer technician?

Hm, electronics?

How many years do you need in college to become a television producer?

you need to go to college for 2 years

When was Michael Carson - television director - born?

Michael Carson - television director - was born on 1947-06-14.

When did Michael Carson - television director - die?

Michael Carson - television director - died on 2005-05-14.

How did David Yates become the director of the Harry Potter movies?

Producer David Heyman liked the work he did for British television. He's also a BAFTA adward-winning director and has directed critically acclaimed productions and TV films. He wasn't a fan of the books when he was first chosen, but after he read them he "fell in love" with the characters and the story.

How could a Pakistani become a film director in Bollywood?

You can if you go to college or start off ny working in tv. Read the article links to see what I mean. Hope this helps.