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Colour of the flame would be one.

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Q: What Qualitative observations would you discover after ligting a candle?
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What do you observe in unlit candle qualitative?

In an unlit candle, the qualitative observations would be its solid wax structure, the presence of a wick, and the lack of a flame or melted wax.

5 example of qualitative and quantitative observations before burning a candle.?

qualitative - smells of smoke, hot air from flame, flame is orange and blue at the bottom, flame moves around, [unscented candle - no smell], wick is burning and turning black. quantitative - sorry i don't have the answer. I'm looking for it myself :(

What are the 53 observations that Michael Faraday observed from a lit candle?

Michael Faraday observed 53 observations from a lit candle, including the melting of the candle, the formation of a pool of melted wax around the wick, and the chemical changes involved in the burning process. He also noted the role of air in sustaining combustion and the composition of the products of the candle's burning.

What are observations of a lit candle?

In Judaism, it depends on the reason for the candle. Candles are used on Shabbat, Motza'ei Shabbat, Holy Days, Yahrzeits, and Hanukkah, all for different reasons.

How do you know that the burning of candle of wax is an exothermic change?

An exothermic reaction involves the release of heat into a system. The burning of a candle is combustion reaction. Combustion reaction release heat, and this can be detected and measured by the burning of a candle's wax. From these testable observations it is determined fact that candle burning is indeed exothermic.

What are the Qualitative observation before and during burning of a candle?

Before burning, the candle appears solid, with a wick protruding from the top. During burning, the candle's wax melts and the wick ignites, producing a flame and releasing heat and light. The flame may flicker and produce smoke as it consumes the wax.

Who discover candles?

The candle is older than the written word. That means it is also older than any records, so there is no way to know which of our caveman ancestors made the first candle.

i am tall when i am young and i am short when i am old what am i?

A candle

What is the name of the candle that is blessed and lit at the beginning of the liturgy?

The candle is called the Paschal candle. It is sometimes referred to as the "Easter candle."

Is a candle illuminated?

A candle can be illuminated usually when you light it... That's the whole point of a candle. A candle can be illuminated usually when you light it... That's the whole point of a candle.

What happens when you get the candle on poptropica?

you have a candle

Where can one obtain a candle mold online?

You can obtain a candle mould online from the following sources: The Candle Making Shop, Candle Wic, eBay, Candles of India, Michaels, Candle Mould, Candle Making, Spirit Crafts.