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Hardly any. "W" is hardly considered a Spanish letter; it is only used in foreign words.

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Q: What Spanish adjectives have a W in them?
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What are some Spanish adjectives that begin with W?


What are spanish words that start with w?

windsurf wat (electrical watt) Some German adjectives, e.g. wagneriano (though also 'vagneriano')

What adjectives begin with the letter w that describe a person?

Some adjectives that start with a W that can describe a person are:warmwatchfulweakwelcomingwetwickedwildworkingworriedworst

What are 156 adjectives in Spanish?

Consult a Spanish dictionary!

What are the adverbs in Spanish?

Those formed by adjectives. Spanish adjectives can be adverbs: Iba lento --- He was going slowly Canta bonito --- He sings nicely

Adjeectives starting with the letter w?

Some adjectives starting with letter W are:wakefulwarmwastefulwaterywealthywelcomewellwetwickedwindywildwillfulwillingwinningwinterwirywisewistfulwittywoefulwonderfulworkingwornworstworthywoven

A 6 letter adjectives that starts with w?


What does adjetivos mean?

"Adjetivos" is the Spanish word for "adjectives," which are words that describe or modify nouns. In Spanish, adjectives agree in gender and number with the nouns they describe.

Most feminine adjectives end with the letter?

in spanish most feminine adjectives end with the letter A

How many adjectives are in the Spanish language?

The answer cannot easily be found, but I can tell you that there is at least as many adjectives as there are in English.

What is a word that describes that starts with a W?

Words that are used to describe nouns are known as adjectives. Some adjectives that start with the letter W are: wavy, weathered, wet, white, wobbly, wonderful.

Which Spanish adjectives begin with the letter I?

intelegente, increible