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Q: What are 5 good ways to manage physical space in a preschool room?
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What is a good sentence for preschool?

Today at preschool, she learned how to write the letter "B".

What is the best place for preschool curriculum ideas?

There are several good websites that you can get preschool curriculum ideas from such as:,, and

What are the pros and cons of sending a child to preschool?

Preschool helps provide a strong foundation for your child's education that they will use for the rest of their educational career. Preschool has been shown to help children with language skills and foundational math skills. Children who attend preschool have been shown to be less likely to drop out of high school and to have higher GPAs when compared to kids who did not attend preschool. To pick a good preschool for your child it is important to meet with the faculty. A good preschool provides creative as well as educational opportunities to your children.

What are the salaries for preschool teachers in California?

Preschool teachers in California average $30,000 a year. This is six percent over the national average, so it sounds like a good place for a good job!

What does a star stand for in a preschool?

Stars and stickers are used in preschool as rewards for children. To the children, they stand for accomplishing a goal, good behavior, and positive things.

What are some good preschool games?

There are many great games that are out there for kids that are going into preschool. Try using the internet and using basic alphabet games.

What factors help promote a good physical environment for a team according to Team Environment?

Pesonal Space

Are there any good preschool workbooks?

There are some great preschool workbooks available for teachers. The Learning Center offers great books for reasonable prices.

How can you help your child jumpstart preschool?

There are several ways to help a child to jumpstart preschool. Books could be read to children about preschool so they know what to expect when they attend. It is also a good idea to provide the child with experience in self-help skills for example putting on shoes and a coat so they have these skills for when they go to preschool. Also get the child used to a good schedule, for example an earlier bedtime routine, so that they have enough sleep before they begin preschool each day.

What would be a good slogan for a preschool named Tickle you Kids?

kids tickle!!

What are good physical discrete space-time theories if any?

The simple answer is Loop Quantum Gravity. I don't understand it that well, but it's the leading discretized space-time theory.

How can you find a good preschool in Ann Arbor Michigan?

Take the tour and you'll be hooked.