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Q: What are Indiana University's sports?
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What are yale universitys 5 top sports?

football basketball table tennis polo academics

When was Fox Sports Indiana created?

Fox Sports Indiana was created in 2006.

Where is the Indiana County Sports Hall Of Fame Inc in Indiana Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Indiana County Sports Hall Of Fame Inc is: Po Box 823, Indiana, PA 15701-0823

What are major sports in Indiana?


What are two professional sports teams in Indiana?

Indianapolis Colts (NFL)Indiana Pacers (NBA)

What is the most sports played in Indiana?

Spin the bottle

Colorado Universitys mascot?


Who are some famous sports players in Indiana?

The most famous sports players in Indiana currently are the starting five NBA players for the Indiana Pacers. They are George Hill, Lance Stephenson, Paul George, David West and Roy Hibbert.

What is Harvard universitys nickname?

Harvard crimson

What is temple universitys team name?

The Owls

What is Kaplan Universitys graduation rate?


What Universities in the Midwest offer a degree in sports administration or sports management?

Indiana University, possibly University Michigan