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Q: What are some good chants for school carnivals?
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What are some great war cries for School carnivals?

wilsons hot hot to go hottogo

What are some good chants for track and field?

Hey Hey You get out of our way Today is the day We will put you away!

What are 3 benefits of carnival?

carnivals have many fun games , prizes and food although some carnivals are very expensive and some food is repulsive

When were most chants created during the Middle Ages?

Most of the chants were created during the Early Middle Ages. The best known chants today are the Gregorian chants, which were compiled according to the wishes of Pope Gregory I, who was pope from 590 to 604. The consensus of musicologists may be that the chants date from after the year 300. I have seen some disagreement on this, and there have been some important authors who have expressed the view that they were much older than that.

What happens at a carnival?

Many communities have carnivals at different times of the year. Seaside towns in the UK usually have their carnivals in the Summer.

What are some special customs for Brazil?

the brazilian's love to go to carnivals and smokeyufyuu

Are there any type of chants that you can contact ghosts with?

There are no chants but there are instructions t o be able to do it. First, by some weed, second, wrap it up and smoke it. third, talk to all your ancestors.

What are some traditions of Easter in America?

There are Easter parades,men and women wear costumes and there are carnivals

What are some similarities between Hawaii and Bahamas?

they have carnivals

What are some chants of Portland Trailblazers fans?

Let's go Blazers! ____!(player's name)

What are some sporting chants?

theres a baseball chant that goes "we want a pitcher not a belly itcher."

What are some good ways to use air puppets?

There are many exciting ways to use air puppets. One of those ways is to use them at carnivals or county fairs. You can also add them to birthday parties as decor.