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Aspire (to hope)

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Q: What are some of the English words with the latin root spirare?
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What is the root for inspiration?

The root of the English word "inspiration" is the Latin (not Greek) word spiritus, meaning "breath".

What is the root word for respiration?

The root word for respiration is "spirare," which means "to breathe" in Latin.

Why is the root spirare the basis of the term cellular respiration?

The root "spirare" means "to breathe" in Latin. Cellular respiration is the process by which cells in organisms breathe or oxidize glucose to produce ATP, the energy currency of cells. This connection is reflected in the term "respiration."

English Words from latin root prehendar?

apprehensive LOL

What English words have the Latin root unda?

redundant, abundant

What word has a Spanish root?

Many English words do not have Spanish root words, such as:algebrabuttcowdirteggfatghosthairiglooJewishkhakilumpmostnextplumqueenracesiptickleupvastwitchxrayyodzoom

What is the root of the word inspired?

The root of the word "inspired" is the Latin word "spirare," meaning "to breathe." The prefix "in-" means "into," so "inspire" originally meant to breathe life or spirit into something.

Words with the root word -spir-?

Blowing is one English equivalent of the Latin root 'spir-'. Breathing is another English equivalent. From the Latin root comes the Latin adjective 'spirabilis', which means 'that may be breathed' or 'able to breathe'. From it also come the Latin nouns 'spiraculum', 'spiramen', and 'spiramentum', which mean 'air hole'. Additionally, from it come the Latin noun 'spiritus', for 'breath, breathing, breeze'; and the Latin verb 'spiro spirare' for 'to blow, to breathe'.

What are some of the English words with the latin root annus?

annual anniversary superannuation

What is the Latin root 'pen-' in English?

Nearly is the English equivalent of the Latin root 'pen-'. A Latin derivative of the Latin root is the adverb 'paene', which also means 'nearly'. An English derivative is the adjective 'penultimate', which means 'nearly last' or 'next to last'.

What are some English words with a latin root?

ludere=to play illusion collusion delusion radix=root radical

Which words come from a Latin root that means overflow?

The words "abundant" and "abundance" come from the Latin root "abundare," which means to overflow.