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Well it depends on your taste, but I like very unique names that stand out. So some of my favorite boy names are:















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Here's a link to help you learn how to invent your own character names - writers need to learn how to do this if they're going to invent good characters.

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Visit the related links!

(Just pick a letter from the page and it'll direct you to unique boy names that start with that letter!)

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Arteom, Nishaniel, Chalon, Kona, and Guadeloupe.

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Q: What are some unique boy names?
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What are some unique baby boy names?

Onyx, Tiger, Ansel, Gideon, Dimitri, Vlad, Boris, Ian, Austin, Anakin, Llary, Kyah. There are a few different unique baby names. Names like Spyro or Desmond are some names that are growing in popularity and are fairly unique and newly used.

What are some unique but good boy names that end in -er?

- Skyler - Kyler - Ryder - Slyder

What are some unique unheard of pretty names for a boy?

If you give your son a "unique, unheard of pretty name", expect him to grow up to hate you for it.

What are some unique baby names for boys?

Unique baby names are on the rise, among celebrities it's kind of common. But one way to get a unique name for your boy is to customize the spelling, for example Simon, can be spelled Cimon to make it unique.

What is a unique name for a shih tzu?

nana and veray are unique names( i made them up right now) Colors and Names Black= zive ( boy)

What are some really unique names for boy and girl twins?

Sahara is a great name for a girl cant really think one for a boy.. hmm.. i thin someone else will answer the boy part. yeaa.

Is ian a hot name for a boy?

Ian, it all has to depends on the boy's personality and his look. Ian fit's about any guy's name but try some different names that or more unique

Are all of Santa's Reindeer Names Unisex Names or are some boy or girl?

Most of the Santa's Reindeer Names are Unisex Names though some are for boy or girl.

What are some unique beautiful names for a she wolf?


What are some unique names for gilrs?

Cheryl or marrany

What unique and memorable baby boy names are there?

There are lots of names that work quite well, like George or Luke. These names are Great names as they are don't require emphasis and are very memorable names to use.

What are some kids names?

I like the names: Garrett, boy Thomas, boy Jade, girl Emersyn, girl