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California State University has 14 campuses with tuition and fees particular to each. Click under the Related Links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section where you can choose the campus of interest and obtain the information you are looking for.

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Q: What are the California state university cost per credit hour?
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Cost of tuition for kennesaw state university?

$154 per undergraduate credit

What is the in-state tuition cost of the University of Maine at Augusta?

The in-state tuition for the University of Maine at Augusta is $217 per credit hour.

Is California State University among the better Universities in the US?

yes it is i went there and now i have a well paying job and am about to become a millionaire!

How much does California state university los angelos cost for out of state students a year?

over 9000

Information on chemical engineering schools.?

Yes, you can. Here are the list of universities that offer chemical engineering degrees. Note that these universities are only a handful that provides. The cost? Around &60,000-$90,000. Yeah, they are not cheap. Arizona State University Auburn University Brigham Young University Brown University Bucknell University California Institute of Technology California State Polytechnic University California State University Calvin College Grand Rapids Carnegie Mellon University Link to the cost,

How much does University of Phoneix cost?

"The tuition fees for the University of Phoenix vary depending on the type of degree you want. Associate Degrees cost $380 per credit, Bachelor's Degrees cost $570 per credit, Master's Degrees cost $715 per credit, and Doctoral Degrees cost $795 per credit."

What is the cost of a credit at Princeton University?


What is the cost of living percentage in the state of California?

cost of living in California

What is the Cost for 6 credit hours to attend summer session at Auburn University?

Auburn UniversityAuburn, AlabamaAnnual College Costs (Fall 2008)* Cost per credit hour (in-state): $243 * Cost per credit hour (out-of-state): $729 For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated below this answer box.

How much does it cost to attend Mountain State University?

The cost to attend Mountain State University varies depending on whether you are a undergraduate or graduate student. Ranging from $320 to $700 per credit hour, that pricing covers your academic studies only. Room and board and meals are additional.

How much will cost to build a Large University Example the Size Of The University of Michigan?

Merced Campus, Univ of California, is the most recent large university start-up, with a capacity for 25,000 students. It has cost the State $500m to start.

What is the cost of credit per hour at Michigan state university for pediatrics?

I have no clue about a pediatric, but for a (exotic) vet it costs around $515 for 1 credit (or from what I've heard so far). Or 60 for $39,000.