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a. Miscommunications occur from many different aspects. It can be because the information needed wasn't communicated at all or it was misinterpreted by the listener. Typed words are a good form of communication in which miscommunication can occur. This type of communication does not allow for immediate feedback and the receiver has to interpret what the sender is saying on words alone.

b. Having a different frame of reference is another area that miscommunication occurs often. The receiver's mind creates their own ideas or insight into the matter (message) at hand. Our minds will usually think of the worse things possible before logic because they are based on our fears or insecurities of past experiences. This leads to certain assumptions because our mind is in search of the logic and truth of the message; especially in an unexplainable event. In other words, our minds look at the negative first and then we tend to look too much into the topic at hand.

c. Miscommunication can occur from noise or rather a disturbance in the channel that is carrying the message. If there is too much outside influence, then words can get lost or misinterpreted.

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Management can cause communication problems by refusing to listen to a worker explain a problem. Since a manager will not make a simple adjustment, the problem lingers. When no way exists for two way communication between labor and management, then you have a communication problem. The managers keep pouring more and more unreasonable demands on individuals or for unknown reasons pick on particular individuals. Some companies get around that particular problem with a labor advocate. When a middle manager makes unreasonable demands, the people under him can go to the advocate, who can go over his head and talk to the next boss up the scale. That way the person lodging the complaint will not fear being fired. Some companies have unionized simply to have a shop steward who will go between labor and top management to keep middle management from picking on certain individuals and making unreasonable demands on others. Another cause is misplaced paperwork. If a piece of paperwork such as a bill of lading is not waiting on the loading dock, it can create a mess holding up shipping. The person responsible for shipping the order has to remain on the loading dock. It is not a secure area. He can not go searching for it. Someone else has to find it. That person must be able to to leave his job. Know what it is. And know how to trace it down. If a message is not relayed that an employee will be late, it will be harder to cover his position. (A receptionist says, "Oh I did not think that was important. A receptionist decided what a manager should have decided. Still, that was the fault of management. He had the receptionist so cowed, that she was afraid to interrupt him and call him on the intercom in his office to tell him a worker would be late so he could assign another worker to that position and get the factory started. He had said, 'Don't let me be interrupted.' She obeyed.")

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Most often the problem with communication is finding the correct words to describe a situation. Another issue is getting people to listen it takes at least two people to communicate.

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lack of advertising skills

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Q: What are the barriers to effective communication in an organization?
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