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It totally depends on what you want to major in. For instance, if you would like to major in Pre-med you'd have to take several courses in Biology, physics, chemistry and some math courses. You can choose from a variety of courses that suit your career profile. Each course has a number of credits assigned to it. By passing the course you earn those credits. In order to graduate, most colleges require you to earn 120 credits at the end of the 4-year graduate program.

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Q: What are the college basic courses that you have to have?
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Are there any online college courses to take when one wants to be a design engineer?

The courses you can take online include your basic requirements such as mathmatics and basic english courses. The more advanced courses you'll want to take on campus. There are a few online college courses that a person interested in design engineering could take. In fact, a comprehensive program can be found at

What is post secondary courses?

Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.Typically, these are courses taken at the college level.

How do you get a degree for journalism?

Any college catalog - or better yet, a chat with a college counselor - will outline for you the basic courses necessary to graduate with a degree in journalism.

Where can I find the best place to take some vocational nursing courses?

Try your local community college. Those are always the best places for vocational courses. If you want to take basic courses at home, you can always also do online courses. There may be a college in your area that does that, otherwise there are many other online colleges you can choose from.

What college courses must I take in order to pursue a career in Radiology?

Once your basic college courses are completed you will take stuff like Anatomy, Physiology, Positioning, Radiation Physics. Do not let the titles of the course discourage you just go for it.

Fifteen semester hours of college credit to join the army What classes qualify?

They are referring to 15 college credits. That is equivalent to one semester (typically five courses). They cannot be (I believe) developmental courses, which are institutional credits taken as a result of the college basic skills test. I do not believe they require these courses be in specified areas. However, this is something you need to ask your recruiter.

Do you have to finish basic entry level courses or are these classes considered the associate's degree?

Every college has basic entry level courses that they may make you take, just like when you were in high school, you had to take certain classes. Good luck and God Bless:)

Where can one learn why four divided by two is two?

You can learn why four divided by two is two and other Basic Math online from the Khan Academy website. This website has free interactive courses that will teach you everything from Basic Math to College level courses.

What if I don't have all the science courses in high school can I still take science courses in university?

Yes you can. Most all colleges and universities offer basic developmental science courses for students who do not have a background in specific science courses, which can be used as prerequisites leading to the college or university level science courses. .

What Texas college have event planning courses for college credit?

Preferably online courses.

How can one take college courses at home?

Correspondence courses, or home study courses allow you to take college courses at home without the need to attend lectures at a college campus. An example of an organisation that offers college courses that can be taken at home is the Open University.

What courses are needed in college to play baseball?

College baseball in the USA has no academic courses that are required to play college baseball.