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Q: What are the disadvantage's of non traditional jobs?
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Advantages and disadvantages of traditional communication?

The advantage of traditional communication is that two or more people are carrying on a conversation in person so they can see body language and other non-verbal signals. Much of this is loss in non-traditional communication making it trickier to convey ideas.

What are the Advantage and disadvantages of traditional procurement?

advantages and disadvantages of green procurement

What are the disadvantages of a pictograph?


What are the disadvantages of pictograph?


Disadvantages of traditional office layout?

Disadvantages of a traditional office layout include a poor flow to the room. Traditional offices are not set up to provide optimal efficiency.

What is traditional and non traditional security?

traditional security is different from non traditional security in the sense that later in non military particular non traditional securty is more dengerous than traditional because it affected whole world rather a particular area.

Advantaged and disadvantages of traditional system?

its convinient

disadvantages of traditional communication?

i don't knw

Why non traditional marketing is better than traditional marketing?

Non traditional marketing is faster and efficient than traditional marketing.

What are the Disadvantages of living on an island?

lack of jobs

What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional Clothes?

Why would there be a disadvantage

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the African traditional marriage?