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They don't exist! Caltech, like every other top school, looks at the "whole picture," not just test scores and grades. They'll take extracurricular activities, research, recommendations, etc. into account, and there's no "exact requirement" for those categories!

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Take challenging classes, be one of the top-ranked students in your grade, show motivation, have excellent SAT scores and subject test scores. My brother was accepted a couple years ago and I don't think extra curriculars matter too much. He was exceptionally smart - took lots of running start classes at a community college nearby and had really strong subject test scores. Think he took physics and chemistry and got 800 and 760. Something like that. However, his overall SAT scores wasn't higher than a 2300. Of course his math was a 800 but the reading especially wasn't as high. He also had absolutely no community service, and the only extra curriculars he had were math league, go club, and interact club (at least i think). Caltech doesn't seem to care so much about "well rounded" students but the ones that show exceptional talent in the math and science field. Hope this helps and good luck!

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Q: What are the exact requirements to get into Caltech University?
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