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If you just study your taste take notes and do your best maybe test yourself and then let someone test you it works

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the lowest "d" you can get

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You just need passing grades, is all.

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Q: What are the grades to pass the 8 grade?
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What is the highest grade you can go to in piano?

The highest grade is 8, but then you can do Diplomas. The Diplomas include AMusA, LMusA and FMusA. Most people who are serious about learning piano complete up to grade 8 if they play piano for their own enjoyment. Many people learn up to AMusA because that is the grade you have to pass to be able to teach piano grades.

How do you pass the ninth grade?

getting good grades

What classes do i need to pass to pass 8th grade?

The required grades to pass the 8th grade include 70 percent in language arts and math.

Can you pass 6 grade if you get three f's?

NO. if you have good grades along with it

You are in the 8th grade and you have bad grades but if you pass the state tests can you still pass?

Yes,you still will be able to pass.

Does d mean pass for gcse exams?

A pass is any grade they give you , but only grades above C are considered to be good grades, so D is seen as a not very good grade for employers.

What grades does the crct affect if you pass or not?

It doesn't effect any grades. You just stay back in the same grade.

What happens if you fail math task and pass reading do you still go to the next grade?

i did not pass rading and pass math and I still went on to the next grade because of my perfect grades

What grades are able to have to pass a grade in high school?

all A's I think because I'm only in 3rd grade?

How did you pass the seventh grade?

It is not like elementary where you can have bad grades and still move on you HAVE to have good grades or you fail and if you have f's and want to do a sport you can't you HAVE to keep your grades up!

What grades do the spelling bee?

4-8 (Grade 9 can do it, but not win)

Can a 17 year old be a 7th grader?

yes they can cause if they dont pass a grade they get held back but to be a 17 year old in grade 7 they would have to not pass many grades.