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Q: What are the names of the jag episodes that Judson mills was on?
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Which jag episodes features gibbs?


What are the ratings and certificates for JAG - 1995?

JAG - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:13 Australia:PG (some episodes) Australia:M (some episodes) Netherlands:6 Singapore:PG USA:TV-14 USA:TV-PG (some episodes)

Did Mark Harmon appear on JAG?

Mark Harmon appeared in two episodes of Jag. They were titled Meltdown, and Ice Queen

Who played a mysterious intelligence operative named Ollie on episodes of JAG?

Oliver North

What are the names of the mice in cinde rella?

Gus and Jag

What are the 2 episodes of jag that pauley perrette appeared in?

"Ice Queen" (2003). "Meltdown" (2003).

Did NCIS characters start on jag?

In the initial spin-off from JAG to NCIS they have come. After that, Commander Coleman of JAG has come in a few episodes like "Hometown Hero"

What is corbin bleu sisters name?

He has 3 sisters named Hunter, Phoenix, and Jag.

Was Pauley Perrette ever on Law and Order?

Pauley Perrette, Abby Sciuto as the gothic forensic at NCIS, has no credits for any of the Law and Orderseries. But she also appeared as Abby on two episodes of JAG, and two episodes of NCIS Los Angeles.

What is the meaning of baby name jag?

Most commonly, Jag is a Sanskrit name that means "the universe". Some American or exclusively English speaking sources advertise the name as short for Jagger (large feline, ie. Jaguar). Jag has made the shortlist of names for my son who is due to arrive May.

Which episodes of NCIS did Troian Bellisario guest star in?

Troian Bellisario starred in episodes of the hit show NCIS. She has guest starred on "First Monday," "JAG," and "Quantum Leap." In these shows, she probably has small parts so keep your eyes peeled for her!

How do you say 'I don't understand' in Swedish?

Jag förstår inte.