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1) Adamjee College

2)DJ science College

3)Sindh Muslim Science Govt Colg

4) Govt Dehli Inter Science College

5) Govt PeCHs Education Foundation Sci Colg

6) Govt National Colg (morning)

7) Govt Degree Colg Maleer Cantt

8) Aisha Bawani Boys Colg (Govt)

9) Govt Superior Sci Colg Morning

10) Govt Degree Boys College Buffer Zone

Averaged 10) Govt Degree Boys College Gulistane johar

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1) adam jee govt sci colg (near qt)

2) dj govt science college

3) sm govt science colg

4) govt degree college malir cantt

5) govt pechs edu foundation sci colg

6) govt college for men nazimabad

7) bahria college (morning)

8) govt dehli inter sci college

9) govt. Jinnah colg

10) govt islamia science colg

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Q: What are the top 10 colleges of Karachi of boys?
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