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Two important factors that determine the tone of a business letter are:

  1. The objectives of the letter (the aim, purpose etc).
  2. Consideration of the best way to achieve those objectives within the constraints of the letter and taking into account the recipient's position and likely responses.

In other words, what one wishes to achieve (the objective), and how best to do that (the strategy).

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Q: What are two factors that determine the tone of a business letter?
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What is difference between social letter and business letter?

The main difference between a social letter and a business one is that a social letter has a more friendly tone. Business letters are usually more professional in tone and style.

Which letter would have the most formal tone?

The letter with the most formal tone would be letter C.

How is the tone of a business letter different from a friendly letter?

A business letter will have a more serious tone and use more formal language. While a personal letter may talk about a variety of subjects and business letter will be more concise and to the point.

Which element should determine whether your tone is formal or casual?

Your audience

What would be a polite tone in a professional business letter?

simple requests

Which fails to exhibit appropriate tone for a business letter?

I'll get right on that

The tone of a professional business letter is achieved by paying attention to?


What should you avoid in order to achieve the proper tone in a a business letter?

You should avoid slang and informal tone.

How is the tone of the closing of john Adams letter of September different from the rest of the letter?

most of the letter is business like

What is the difference between a professional business letter from a personal business letter?

A personal business letter is wriiten in a formal tone to convey a message in a professional manner. A normal business letter is a letter from one company to another or between there organazation and their customers.

What would be set a polite tone in a professional business letter?

simple requests

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