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I don’t know but her WC movies are da bomb lol

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Q: What art program does racheal use from pinkbunnygirl43?
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Where programs can one use to convert a picture to ASCII text art?

Glass Giant is an online source which one can use to convert a picture to ASCII text art. The program is free and can be used directly on the website.

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What program do WoW artists use to make the zone maps?

I would imagine it would be photoshop as well as original art work.

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Video Game making does not use software and instead you program it by hand, unless you use an engine like Unreal or Unity, but you still have to program and make your own art. If you are looking for a software with a drag and drop interface to make simple games that you can publish to Kongregate, try Stencyl.

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you don't put in on you need to draw it using the powder program -- Wrong! you use this hacking device to do it :) i seen it b4 forgot link

To anyone with an art context: do you have any ideas on how to use a program/website to simplify your workMy idea: maybe there are also applications for artists with ad on support for which you can supplement helpfully in this way?


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