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Q: What branch can you get in satra for 3037 rank in sastra?
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Which branch can i get for an all India rank of 782 in sastra university?

if you are mentioning an aieee rank then you can get any course of your choice for that rank

What rank is sastra university in tamilnadu?

my total is 1066.cani get aplacement at sastra

Which can iget in sastrauniversity for the rank 1066 insastra?

Sastra University is a University located in India. Yes, you can get into the Sastra University with a rank of 1066. For more information on the admissions process you can visit their website.

What is the rank of prist university vallam thanjavur in tamilnadu?

It is next to sastra.

Which nit and what branch can you get your central rank is 19993?

depends on ur state domicile and rank all the best.still 19 is a good rank. u should be able to get a good branch in agood nit.

What branch you will get in SRM university with rank 5227 in srmeee?

You can get any branch of your choice.

What is rank of mechanical branch in engineering?


Which branch of the government can veto a bill passed by the Congress?

The President, because he is the highest rank of the Executive Branch. So the answer is the President or the Executive branch.

You have 5227 rank in srm university what branch you nwill get in engineering?

You will get any branch of your choice.

What if your AIEEE rank is 380574 and state haryana rank is 19127 which college and which branch do you get?

Ask your teacher

Your aieee rank is 18000 and state rank is 1600 which branch and which college will you get?

you can get echanical in jamshedpur you can get echanical in jamshedpur you can get echanical in jamshedpur

In aieee your rank is 24000 state rank which branch you should choose in which college in indore?

you can get a detailed information on the page