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something personnal to you, maybe things like a passport or a name show who you are? or religion is another option

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Q: What can you do for your GCSE art final piece identity?
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Can you use two different artists for your art gcse final piece?

Yes you can, I am using two for my GCSE right now. Basically take one idea from both artists eg use of colour and then atmosphere from another.

Do you need art as a gcse for hairdressing?


What gcse's do i need to be a racing driver?

You need 5 art GCSE'S, 2 religious education GCSE'S, 9 maths English or science GCSE'S and 20 PE GCSE'S

Do art examiners appreciate cartoons as a final piece?

Whether or not an art examiner appreciates a cartoon as a final piece would depend greatly on the art examiner. Cartoons are valid forms of art and involve rendering skill as well as a great amount of creativity, there is no logical reason why they wouldn't be considered as worthy as other art pieces.

What did David Beckham what to be when he got to gcse?

It was Art

What is the two GCSE'S Rodney trotter got?

he got a gcse in maths and art. yet he is still a plonker

What kind of job would gcse art and art textiles get you?

Fashion designing, architecture

What pieces can i do for art gcse to do with fashion?

A GCSE is a General Certificate of Secondary Education. For your art GSCE, there are a number of project options that have to do with fashion. You could sketch your own clothing designs.

What do you get to be if you do art as your gcse?

In the Art world? well... it doesn't really matter than much about the GCSE, it matters more about the grade you get in A-level which defines what you can be!?! and also there are different types of subject, photography, fine art, mixed media... etc... anything really!

What education is needed for Web designing?

you dont need to do any a levels i think, you just need an ICT GCSE and an Art GCSE will help.

Is Tom Daley good at art?

tom recieved an A on his GCSE photography project

I am doing gcse art and i am doing pop art i have used lots of mediums but i want to use textiles like clothing or something any ideas?

I cut out a sunflower from a piece of cloth, and put it in my picture. If you have some printed fabric on hand I'm sure you could get ideas of how to use it.