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Public schools do not have morning prayers or even speak of Jesus. If any of the teachers do, they will be fired and there are severe penalties for mentioning God's name. Some schools are considering taking out the pledge of allegiance because it says, "One nation, under God"

What ever happened to freedome of speach? Freedom of religion? None of that matters to people. It's the main reason why we came to America! Why must we praise a flag, instead of praising the Living God??? Right now, as you can see, not many kids are into church or The Bible, this has caused an affect on their attitudes. It says in the Bible, "Honor thy father and thy mother," not many kids live up to that. This is one of the affects since praying was banned.

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If you attend a Catholic School it is not banned. Public schools have been banned from this since 1998 is Australia.

In the United States, organized prayer was first banned in public schools as a result of the US Supreme Court decision in Engel v. Vitale, (1962).

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They learned how to praise a flag.

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Q: What changes has taken place in schools since the ban of prayer?
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