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Harry Potter

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Q: What class do you take in school computer arts?
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What class can you take for performing arts?

any class such as dance - ballet, jazz, hiphop, tap- singing, or drama is a performing arts class, so if you wish to get involved in performing arts, a dance or stage school would be a good place to start.

What high school courses do you need to take to be a cartoonist?

courses for cartoonistyou will need to take an arts class and a drawing class. you will need to puk a bluewaffle then eat it

If you fail 1 class in 6th grade junior high will you get left back or go to summer school. I live in New York I.S 187 Intermediate school. I am failing Language arts?

You do not get left back or go to summer school. You will just have to face the consequences in your future. You will have to take a mandated class in Language Arts that will take place after school during enrichment hours.

How do you fight like Bruce Lee?

Take a martial arts class.

What high school courses do you have to take to be an architect?

You will need strong college prep courses. Math and physics are important. Language arts, history, computer drafting, and art, are helpful also. classes like: algebra applied math (trig and stuff) applied physics arts blueprint reading college pre computer science drafting english geometry graphic communications history industrrial arts mathematics mechanical drawing (or class that has it included, ask about that) physics trigonometry (of course)

Where can you take class?

in school

What does it take to get into Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences?


What classes can I take to improve my photography skills?

The school New England Institute of arts has a great photography program. Go to to learn more about the program. Digital photography would be a good class to take.

What do you click on to take the class?

the computer mouse

What school did a movie name Victorious take place in?

Hollywood arts

What are the classes you have to take in seventh grade?

In seventh grade, students typically take core classes such as math, science, English language arts, and social studies. In addition, they may have classes in physical education, foreign language, art, and music. The exact classes can vary depending on the school and district.

How do you stop your mom from making you take Martial Arts?

if you realy dont want to take matierial arts you tell her how you feel about the class and what you really want to do so my advice fallow your heart