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May would be considered the end of the Spring semester. If the class began in very late May, then I would think it would be considered a summer semester.

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Q: What college semester is many?
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When you go to college do you pay semester by semester?

Typically, the tuition and fees are paid semester by semester.

How many semester per year in cuny college?

A CUNY school is just like a Regular college

How many days in a college semester?

Usually 16 weeks not including holidays

What are the college options in Washington for a transfer student?

There are several options available as an affordable choice of college in Washington. You could try Spokane Community College their cost is $2,229 per semester. Clark College is $2,600 per semester. Grays Harbor College is $2608 per semester. Those are just a few choices there are many others within the price range.

How can you find out if you have any credit if you are in college and you sign up for classes at the start of the semester and pay at that middle of the semester?

I don't understand what being in college or what semester it is has to do with your credit.

What does hours carrying means in college?

In college, hours carrying means the total amount of credits a student is taking per semester. Most colleges have a limit on how many credits they can take per semester.

How long is a semester in college?

What is the average cost of a semester of college at Loyola Marymount University?

A semester comes in at about $26,000.

Is one semester of English considered one year of college English?

A semester is half a year.

How do college quarter credits compare to semester credits?

How do I calculate quarter credits into semester credits?

Do you have to reapply in the spring semester for college?

Once you are a student, you do not apply again, unless you miss a semester.

How many hours can you take in one semester?

Most college/university students take about 12 credit/hours.