What comes after kindergarten?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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ha first grade

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Q: What comes after kindergarten?
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What 9 letter word comes before kindergarten?


What language does the word kindergarten originally come from?

The word "kindergarten" comes from the German language. It translates to "children's garden" in English.

Where does the word kindergaten come from?

Assuming you mean kindergaRten, it comes from German. Literal explanation: Kinder = children Garten = garden Kindergarten = children's garden

Where did the word kindergaten originate from?

It comes from the German "kindergarten", which translates to children garden.

What country does the word kindergarten come from?

The word "kindergarten" comes from Germany. It combines the German words "kinder" (children) and "garten" (garden) to mean "children's garden."

Which of these words probably comes from a German word meaning preschool encore patio kindergarten genre?


How do write a sentence using the word kindergarten?

My nephew is in kindergarten. The kindergarten area is brightly lit.

Where does Kindergarten orginate from?

Kindergarten originates from Germany.

Is there kindergarten in China?

Yes, there is kindergarten in China

How do you say kindergarten in German?

Kindergarten is German for Child's Garden. So you would say Kindergarten.

What is the German meaning for kindergerten?

Kindergarten literally translates as children's garden and refers to an establishment where children below the age of compulsory education play and learn; a nursery school.

What is a synonym for kindergarten?

a synonym for kindergarten is grade k