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The Big Ten.

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Q: What conference does the university of Illinois play in?
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Is Eastern Illinois a Division 1 school?

Yes, with an asterisk. Eastern Illinois belongs to the Ohio Valley Conference which is a Division 1 conference. However, the OVC is Division 1-AA for football.

What Conference does Temple University Play in?

Mid-American Conference (MAC)

In what conference does the University of Tennessee play football?

That would be the Southeastern Conference.

Which conference does university of Montana play in?

The Big Sky Conference. It should be noted that they play in Division 1 FCS.

Did brad childress play pro football?

Yes, he played for Eastern Illinois university and the University of Illinois.

Did the university of Illinois play in March Madness?


Does Kentucky university have baseball?

Yes, they play in the Southeastern Conference.

To which conference does the university of Kentucky belong to?

They play in the SEC for all sports.

In what conference does Longwood University play basketball?

Longwood is not in a conferance they are independent.

Where did Ronald Reagan play college football?

Reagan played at Eureka ( Illinois) College in the Little 19 Conference.

What is the only state with universities in both the sun belt conference and big 12 conference?

Two states: Texas (University of North Texas in the Sun Belt and four schools in the Big 12) and Colorado (Denver University in the Sun Belt and the University of Colorado in the Big 12). Denver does not play football but they do play basketball in the Sun Belt Conference

What college did Harold Edward Grange play football for?

University of Illinois