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Alfred Wegener attended school at the Köllnische Gymnasium on Wallstrasse in Berlin (a fact which is memorialized on a plaque on this protected building, now a school of music), graduating as the best in his class. Afterward he studied Physics, meteorology and Astronomy in Berlin, Heidelberg and Innsbruck. From 1902 to 1903 during his studies he was an assistant at the Urania astronomical observatory. He obtained a doctorate in astronomy in 1905 based on a dissertation written under the supervision of Julius Bauschinger at Friedrich Wilhelms University (today Humboldt University), Berlin.

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Q: What did Alfred Wegener study in college?
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What College did Alfred Wegener graduate from?

what year did Alfred Wegener graduate college in

Where did Alfred Wegener Study?


What college did Alfred wegener graduate?

The university of Berlin

Where did Alfred Wegener go to college?

Alfred Wegener attended the University of Berlin in Germany, where he studied astronomy, physics, and meteorology.

Who proposed the continental drift theory in the 1900?

Alfred Wegener

What did Alfred wegener study in college and after college?

he studied physics, astronomy and meteorology at theFriedrich Wilhelms University (today Humboldt University), Berlin. In 1905, he earned his Ph.D. in astronomy

What college did Alfred Wegener go to?

Alfred Wegener attended the University of Berlin where he studied astronomy, physics, and meteorology.

What is Alfred Wegener's full name?

Alfred Wegener's full name is "Alfred Lothar Wegener", and he is a German scientist who came up with the theory of Continental Drift.

What happened to Alfred Wegener parents?

Alfred Wegener's father, Richard Wegener, passed away when Alfred was just six years old. His mother, Anna Wegener, raised Alfred and his siblings as a widow.

Who were Alfred Wegener's parents and who is Alfred wegener wife.?

The father of Alfred Wegener was Richard (Wegener), a cleric, and his mother was named Anna, natural from Braddenburg. Alfred has a brother, Kurt Wegener (1878-1964)which was a pioneers in the use of balloons in climatology (At least once, Kurt went to Greenland with Alfred). Alfred Wegener's wife was Else Koppe.

When was Alfred Wegener born?

Alfred Wegener was born on November 1, 1880.

The birth of Alfred Wegener?

Alfred Wegener was Born November 1, 1880.