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Q: What did James Madison major in at Princeton university?
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Can you create your own major in Princeton University?


What were some major accomplishments by James Madison?


What major event occurred while James Madison was in the White House?

When James Madison was president the war of 1812 was i think was one of the major things that happened!!

What did Madison accoplishmentes?

James Madison is remembered as being the major author of the US Constitution.

Which was first federalist paper written by James Madison?

James Madison was the leader of the Constitutional Convention and a major writer of the Constitution.

Can you double major in Princeton University?

According to what I just read on the website, no.

What president founded a university?

I think Dwight Eisenhower was the first to be president of a major university, namely Columbia University, Woodrow Wilson was president of Princeton when it was just starting to become a university but it is questionable that is was a major university when he was president of it.

What was Michelle Obama's major in college?

Her major at Princeton University was Sociology. She also studied African-American history.

Which two major political leaders organized the opposition to the federalists?

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

What was James Madison's major contribution while in office?

any answers because i have a essay about James Madison due until February 27

What was James Madison's Major Foreign Issue of his presidency?

Madison was President during the War of 1812. The war and the events that led to to it were his major foreign policy issues.

What is a major college in New Jersey?

There are many of them. Some would include the following. * Princeton University * Rutgers University * Monmouth University * Montclair State * University of Medicine and Dentistry