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Q: What did Saturn look like roman god?
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Is Saturn a greek or Roman god?

Saturn is a Roman god not greek

Is Saturn named after a roman god?

Yes Saturn is named after Saturn the roman god of harvest

What day of the week was named after the Roman God?

Saturday: Day of Saturn, the Roman God Saturn. (Saturn's Day)

What Roman god is the planet Saturn named after?

The god Saturn.

What planet is named after the Roman god of farming?

The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of farming, also known as the god of war.

Who is the Roman god of the sky?

Saturn was the Roman god of the sky.

What year did roman god explore Saturn?

Roman gods did not explore anywhere, they are mythological. The planet Saturn was named after a Roman god.

Are there any greeek or roman myths about Saturn?

There are many Roman myths about Saturn, as he was a Roman god.

What is the Greek or Roman God Saturn is named for?

the roman god of agriculture

Roman god for Saturn?

Ops, the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Rhea.

Mythological origin name for Saturn?

Saturn was named for one of the Roman gods. The roman god Saturn was the god of wealth, time, agriculture and liberation.

What is roman god Saturn god of?

ACCORDING TO THE GREEK MYTHS Saturn was god of agriculture and harves