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Q: What did bartolome de las casa document?
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What regions did Bartolome De Las Casa explore?

what did Bartolme de las casa want to explore

Who was the Spanish missionary who spoke out against the Spanish mistreatment of Native Americans?

Bartolome de las casas

Which best describes Bartolome de las Casa's views about reforming the ecomienda system?

he eventually opposed all slavery

What did Bartolome de las casa do in Spain?

he came to new Spain to see how it was going and the people there were dying of diseases and overwork

What was bartolome de las casas' childhood like?

Bartolome de Las Casas' childhood is unknown.

How did Bartolome' De Las Casa try the way Spain governed the Americas?

he revised laws regarding the use of African slaves

How old was Bartolome de Las Casas when he died?

Bartolome de Las Casas was 92 years old when he died.

What does Bartolome de Las Casa think about the encomium system?

Bartolomé de las Casas strongly opposed the encomienda system (as it was called) and later came to oppose all forms of slavery, also of non-Indians.

Bartolome de las casas?

Bartolome de Las Casas is a Spanish priest that traveled through New Spain working for reform.

How did bartolome de las casa helped the enslaved Native Americans?

Bartolome de las Casa was a Dominican friar and social reformer who fought for the rights of Native Americans under Spanish rule. He went before Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor to plead against slavery in the colonies. Ironically, his compassion was only for the Native slaves, and he was in part responsible for the transatlantic slave trade.

When was Casa de las Américas created?

Casa de las Américas was created in 1959.

What was Bartolome De Las Casas nationality?