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Q: What did christopher Newport use to navigate the seas?
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How did ancient Grecians use the sea to spread their products and culture to other regions?

They used their nautical skills to navigate the seas.

Who created the first compass?

Compass was invented in China during Chinese Han Dynasty around 206 BC but its use was for divination. Then later it is used by the military to navigate in the seas.

What handy tool did sailors use to help them navigate?

What points did sailors use to navigate

What did Christopher Columbus use for transportation he needed?

he ask the king and he got his wish also to get from her to their he used boats he sailed in 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the blue he sailed the blue be the 7 seas next thing you know he caught a disses Christopher Columbus now is dead because of a Native American called Fred.

How do you use Newport cigarette upc's to get stuff?

got a lot of Newport upcs want to trade them in for the debit cards.

How do ladybugs navigate?

they use their brain and they use their eyes

Do bats use sound to navigate and to hunt?

they use sound to navigate and FIND there food but not to actually get the food, theyll use there eyes for grabbing berries or animals

How did people use seven stars of matariki to navigate?

They used the stars to navigate by using the north star

What type of oil does a 1979 Chrysler Newport with a 318 use?

i use 10w 40

What tools did Juan Cabrillo use?

Juan Cabrillo, a Spanish explorer, used navigational tools such as the compass, astrolabe, and quadrant to navigate the seas. He also used maps, charts, and astronomical observations to aid in his explorations along the coast of present-day California.

What do bats use to navigate its prey?


How do dolphins use echolocation to navigate?

yes they do