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Q: What did coronado say in his report to the spanish king about Texas?
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Who paid for Francisco vasquez de coronado trip?

The king of Spain in 1540, Phillip the second.

Who was the king and queen who sponsored Francisco Coronado's voyage?

Francisco Coronado was sponsored by King Charles I (Emperor Charles V) of Spain and his queen, Isabella of Portugal. They were the ruling monarchs of the Spanish Empire during Coronado's exploration of the American Southwest in the 16th century.

What is the ruby report?

The famous 'Rubi Report' df 1768, requested by the king of Spain, recommended that Spain abandon Texas.

Was Francisco Vasquez de Coronado a king?

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado ( c.1510 - 22 September 1554 ) was a Spanish conquistador, who, between 1540 and 1542 visited New Mexico in what is now southwestern US. He was never a king.

Why did Francisco Coronado fail?

he did what now one did he wet to the Spanish's king and they become friend s i wondered if they said bad words and they said a lot.

Which king did francisco de coronado sail for?

King Ferdinand

What king and queen did coronado sail for?

spain,king fernado

What king sponsored Francisco Coronado's exploration?

king fernidad

Who sponsored Francisco Vasquez De Coronado's voyages?

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado's expeditions in North America were sponsored by the Spanish crown, particularly by King Charles V. The goal of his expeditions was to find the fabled Seven Cities of Gold and to expand Spain's territory in the New World.

What king and king hired Francisco Vasquez de coronado?

Sorry this is unavailable

Francisco vasquez de coronado sponsor?

the king did

Who sent francisco coronado on his exploration?

The king and queen of Spain.