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In Holland we have a seperate festive day for giving presents: St. Nicolas Day, on December 5th. This St. Nicolas (The bishop of Mira, according to legend) comes to Holland each year to celebrate his birthday with us and gives the children who have been good their presents.

Instead of a stocking children leave their shoe to fill, with some water or carrots for the horse St. Nicolas rides. Usually, they will also sing a song asking him for a present. The next morning, if they are lucky, something will be left in their shoe.

Depending on their parents' generosity, they can leave their shoe several times in the weeks leading up to the feast. On the evening of Dec. 5th all presents (also for the grown ups) will usually be "left" at the front door in a large bag, after which they are taken inside and spread out on the living room floor to open.

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Q: What do the dutch use instead of christmas stockings?
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