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Becoming an E4 is not based on your ASVAB score. If you are talking about enlisting as an E4, you must have a Bachelor's degree. You can also become an E4 by enlisting and doing a good job and putting your time in.

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Q: What do you have to score on an ASVAB to become an E4?
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What does your ASVAB have to be to become a military police?

It may depend on which branch you're in; your best chance is to visit your local recruiter. If you've taken the ASVAB, the recruiter can pull up your files, and they can give you the entire list of jobs for which you qualify, but you do not need high scores to become an MP.

Do you need a high school diploma to become a us marine?

yes and a good asvab score

How smart do you have to be to get a 100 on the ASVAB test?

The highest score you can get on the ASVAB is a 99

What kind of mos can someone get with a score of 124 on ASVAB?

You can only score a 99% on the asvab.. To get a 124 would be impossible.

What score do you need for the National Guard?

An ASVAB score of 50.

How high of an ASVAB score do you need to become an mst in the coast guard?

Your Asvab score won't matter as much as your line scores. Right now to become a MST you need line scores of VE+AR=115 (verbal expression + arithmetic reasoning) and a MK (mathematical Knowledge) of at least 54

What is a ASVAB score?

it is called the afqt score and it tells you if you qualify to get into certain branches

What do you have to score on the ASVAB for the air force?

What do you have to score to join the national gaurds

What ASVAB score do you need to be in the armys infantry?

you need to score 31(AFQT) on your asvab test.

How do you find your ASVAB score once you have taken the test?

The formula to derive the AFQT "raw Score" is 2VE + AR (Arithmetic Reasoning) + MK (Mathematics Knowledge). This formula results in the AFQT "raw score," which is then converted into a percentile score. [cited from ABCs of the ASVAB. pg 3. by Rod Powers]

What is the expiration date for an ASVAB score?

2 years.

What options are open to you with an ASVAB score of 99?