What do you say if im cute?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: What do you say if im cute?
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How do you say im cute in spanish?

Roughly - soy lindo

Is grace Patterson cute?

im grace patterson yes im cute yay

Im big and im not that cute do men still like you?

Looks are not everything, beauty as they say,is in the eye of the beholder. Don't put yourself down.

Is diggy simmons cute at sixteen?

No No Diggy simmons is not cute im 13 but he is not cute

What im you thinking of?

how cute are you!

Is Sam from iCarly cute?

This is an opinion. To me she is cute but I don't think many people would think she is because she's a tomboy and she's mean and agressive. cutie- i agree, but... im a girl, but just to say... sam IZNT cute. Carly IS

Is Munro Chambers cute?

Well... Im not sure if hes cute. But he is sexy!

Everyone thinks im cute but why dont you have a boyfriend?

Because I'm not as cute as you are.

How many sugar cubes to make a little Inuit Igloo?

hahaha real cute im gonna have to say the total of 50......

What do you put on your about me on Skype?

You put stuff like im funny, nice and friendly or say things that you like maybe pizza for example... Im friendly, cute, happy and I like pizza

How do you say you are cute in Telugu?


Are the boys from btr cute?

Im not gay...