What does 'Dubh Linn' mean?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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It was the old name the vikings had given to Dublin in Ireland Dubh Linn means Black Pool.

DUPH IS also Russian word today and it means MAPLE.

LINN IS used in finnish and estonian language and it means TOWN/FORT(RESS)

There was living scandinavians and this name is from vikings!!!

As I understand it, there was an actual pool/pond near the walls of Dublin Castle way back when. Dubh Linn was shortened by the English to Dublin which was have re-translated to Atha Cliath

I am doing research for a book, and have found that the black pool which flowed from the river Poddle and emptied into the Liffey, was in fact a very important source of trade for the Gaelic members of the Ringfort, and provided them with a small harbour. Dubh Linn was the name given to the old settlement, and Atha Cliath (Hurdle Ford) is the Gaelic name for an ancient bridge that crossed the Liffey a little west of the current Castle location. 'Dubh Linn' changed to Norse 'Dyflin' and then to English 'Dublin' with the subsequent invasions, whereas the Gaelic name of the town remains Baile Atha Cliath, town of the hurdle ford. For more information, check out dublincastle

I have no idea of Dubbh but Linn means City or Town in Estonia and Finnland.

Dubh Linn used to mean Dublin but for some reason they changed it to Baile Athá Cliath so it's just Black-pool now and it's funny cause there's an area called B Blackpool in Dublin and Cork and there's probably a couple more around the place.

In the year 130 Dublin was named as "Eblana" and later in year 291 as "Duibhlinn". These Dubh-Ghoill or Dubh-lochlannaigh means the inhabitants of Denmark (Na Danair on Dania. So its close to associate the first "Dubbh" with Denmark or Danes since they have been so closely involved in Dublins early history. But why or if the second part "linn", is the Finnish Ugric name for city; "linn" is unknown to me. But its intriquing if it is! Then both: "Tallin" and "Dublin" would mean the same: "Danish town".

The name Dublin is a Hiberno-English derivative of 'Dubh Linn' (Irish, dubh -> black, and linn -> pool). Historically, in the traditional Gaelic script used for the Irish language, 'bh' was written with a dot over the 'b', viz 'Duḃ Linn' or 'Duḃlinn'. The French-speaking Normans omitted the dot and spelled the name variously as 'Develyn' or 'Dublin'.

Some sources doubt this derivation, and suggest that 'Dublin' is of Scandinavian origin, cf. Icelandic: djúp lind ('deep pond'). However, the name 'Dubh Linn' pre-dates the arrival of the Vikings in Ireland, and the Old Norse (and modern Icelandic) name for Dublin is simply the words 'Dubh Linn' re-spelled as if they were Old Norse: 'Dyflinn' (correctly pronounced "Duev-linn").

The common name for the city in Modern Irish is 'Baile Átha Cliath' ('The Settlement of the Ford of the Reed Hurdles'). 'Áth Cliath' is a place-name referring to a fording point of the Liffey in the vicinity of Heuston Station. 'Baile Átha Cliath' was later applied to an early Christian monastery which is believed to have been situated in the area of Angier Street currently occupied by St Valentine's (R.C.) church. Due to its length, it is sometimes abbreviated as BÁC.

The subsequent Scandinavian settlement was on the River Poddle, a tributary of the Liffey, to the East of Christchurch, in the area known as Wood Quay. The Dubh Linn was a lake used by the Scandinavians to moor their ships and was connected to the Liffey by the Poddle. The Dubh Linn and Poddle were covered during the early 1800s, and as the city expanded they were largely forgotten about. The Dubh Linn was situated in the area of the park of the Chester-Beaty Library in Dublin Castle. Guinness is good for you!

Ans: Black pool, from the Vikings. 1170

Dubh Linn means "Black Pool" in Irish Gaelic.

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Q: What does 'Dubh Linn' mean?
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Which Irish citys name signifies black pool?

Dublin, from dubh-linn.

What is blackpool in Irish?

Apparently, in Irish, Black pool is "Dubh Linn", if you were translating straight from Blackpool as one word, it would turn out as Blackpool, but if you separate it into the two words that it derived from, and then translate it becomes "Dubh Linn", the same two origin words as "Dublin".

What words is Dublin derived from?

Dubh Linn, the Irish words for Black Pool. It is pronounced Dove Lin.

What is the original name for Dublin with proper spelling?

Dubh Linn (meaning Black Pool). Dublin was formed by the amalgumation of an Irish village Baile atha cliatha with a viking one Dubh Linn. Today the city is called Dublin in English or baile atha cliatha in Irish.

Where did the word Dublin come from?

The name Dublin comes from the Irish language words dubh linn, meaning 'black pool'. This is a name of an ancient settlement that grew and eventually became the Dublin we now know. The site of the original Dubh Linn is believed to be in the centre of modern Dublin, in what is now a garden in Dublin Castle.

What does the Irish word dubh mean?

the word dubh means "black"

How did Dublin get its Irish name?

from dubh-linn, which means black pool in the traditional Irish language, because in the times of Viking settlement there, there was a big black coloured water pool on the site and took its name from it then.

What is the meaning of Dublin?

== == The name Dublin is a Hiberno-English derivative of 'Dubh Linn' (Irish, "black pool"). Historically, in the traditional Gaelic script used for the Irish language, 'bh' was written with a dot over the 'b', as 'Duḃ Linn' or 'Duḃlinn'. The French-speaking Normans omitted the dot and spelled the name variously as 'Develyn' or 'Dublin'.Dublin in Irish is "Baile Átha Cliatha" which means "Town at the Ford of Hurdles".However the name Dublin is an anglicisation of "Dubhlinn" which means "Blackpool".

Dublin was known as Dubh Linn which means black pool in Irish but why did they call Dublin black pool?

Dubh Linn was the original Irish meaning black pool, it came to be slightly mispelt the bh written as a b with a dot above it, this was lost and the two words joined.

How did Dublin get its name?

Dublin comes from the Irish words Dubh Linn, which means black pool. Over 1000 years ago there was a settlement on the river Liffey called Dubh Linn, taking its name from a black pool near where it was. There was another settlement in the area called Ath Cliath which means crossing at the hurdle ford. These two settlements grew into what is now the modern city of Dublin. Baile

Was dublin named after the blackpooldubh linn?

Dubh Linn, are the Irish words for Black Pool. A settlement where Dublin now is, was close to a black pool on the river Liffey, the river that Dublin is now built on. It is from that that the modern name Dublin originates.

Does Dublin mean dark hole?

No, the name Dublin is believed to come from the Irish word "Dubh Linn," which means "black pool." This refers to a dark tidal pool where the River Poddle entered the Liffey on the site of the original Viking settlement in Dublin.