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Roughly translated; "Tsk, tsk... what are you doing to me, my baby?"

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Q: What does 'po po poti mou kaneis moro mou' in greek?
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What does the greek Moro mean?

it means "baby"

What does yap key ago sagapo moro mou mean in greek?

Not sure what you are getting at with the first part, but "sagapo moro mou" means "I love you my baby."

How do you say babe in G Greek?

s'agapo moro mou s'agapo= i love you moro mou=my baby

When was Moro Mou created?

Moro Mou was created in 2003-03.

What are some common Greek terms of endearment that a grandmother might use?

mana mou matia mou xryso mou moro mou etc == Mana mou means "My mother," so that probably wouldn't be something a grandmother would call a child, but matia mou (my eyes), xryso mou (my gold) and moro mou (my baby) are common.

What does 'ti kanies' mean in greek?

it means 'whats up' or 'how are you' ,a normal response is 'kala' meaning 'good'

What does the greek 'se filo moro mou' mean?

It means "I love you, sweetheart." Σ 'αγαπώ αγάπη μου (s'agapo agape mou) is "I love you, sweetheart" ... or more precisely, " I love you, my love". Se filo moro mou means "I kiss you, my baby."

What actors and actresses appeared in Moro mou - 1987?

The cast of Moro mou - 1987 includes: Minas Konstadopoulos Viktoria Kyriazi

What actors and actresses appeared in To moro mou ftanei - 2011?

The cast of To moro mou ftanei - 2011 includes: Michel Odent as himself

What are greek terms of endearment that a lover would use?

Agapi mou (agApee moo) = my love Hriso mou (ChreesO moo= where the 'ch' is like in Scottish 'loch') = my golden one/ my dear Moro mou (morO moo) = my baby Matia mou (mAtya moo) = my eyes / my dear Glykia mou (gleekyA moo) = my sweet Psihi mou (pseechEE moo) = my soul Kardia mou (karthiA moo - the 'th' is like in English 'then') = my heart Hope this helps !

Kai ego se skeftome moro mou?

'and i am thinking about you baby'

What is moro mou in English?

1. 'Moro' is pronounced like 'morrow' in the English word 'tomorrow'. The emphasis is on the second 'o'. Say it like 'morO' (or 'morrOW'), but don't exaggerate it too much :) 2. 'mou' is pronounced like 'moo' in the English word 'moon'. So, like this: 'MorO moo'.