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El ano = the anus

El año = the year.

¡Hombre, que como alguien me diga la primera, me pego una carcajada que no veas!

La "N" es la ene y la "Ñ" la eñe. Faltara que en una conversación me dijeran: "ene con tilde".

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"Ano" means "anus".

"Año" means "year".

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The next year

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it means your butt

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Q: What does El ano que viene mean in Spanish?
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What does la semana que viene mean?

"La semana que viene" means "next week" in Spanish.

'Quién es el que viene con usted' in Spanish?

Quién es el que viene con usted would translate to mean 'who is he that comes to you' in English.

What does que viene mean in spanish?

"que viene" literally means "that comes". When preceded by a day, month or the word year, it means "next" as in next month (El mes que viene). Next Tuesday (el martes que viene) As part of a sentence such as "el que viene tarde compra las bebidas" the meaning is "that comes" (the one that comes late buys the drinks)

How do you say 'Who is coming' in Spanish?

Quien viene? = Who is coming? (La persona) que viene.... = (The person) who is coming....

How do you say someone is from Africa in Spanish?

Que tal persona es africano (a)Que viene de África

What is the definition of subsequent in spanish?

subsiguiente (lat. subsequentem) adj. ambos géneros. Dícese de lo que viene inmediatamente. 2. Que viene o está después.

How do you say in spanish what comes around goes around?

Lo que viene, anda.

How do you say I'll pay you next week in spanish?

Te pagaré la semana que viene

How do you say next year will be very bad in Spanish?

El año que viene será muy malo.

How do you say i am going to be fifteen next month in spanish?

El mes que viene cumplo quince años

How do you say this october your going to look for a pumpkin in spanish?

El octubre que viene buscarás para una calabaza.

How do you say forklift coming through in Spanish?

forklift coming through = hay una carretilla elevadora que viene a través