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He/ she/It is full of energy.

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Q: What does Esta lleno de energia. mean in Spanish?
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What does esta lleno mean in English?

It means, "It's full."

What does the spanish word lleno mean in English?

Lleno = full (it's full/I'm full/He's full). Llenó = Filled (He filled the tank)

What does no esta muerto esta viviendo mean in spanish?

he is not dead he is still living

In Spanish what does esta bein mean?

"Esta bien" in Spanish translates to "It's fine" or "It's okay."

What does Aqui esta su tarea para esta semana mean in spanish?

Here this for the week.

What does usted esta escribiendo mean in spanish?

You are writing.

What does esta nublado mean in Spanish?

it's cloudy

What does Esta Muerto mean in spanish?

It's dead.

Whay does esta nublado mean in spanish?

"It is cloudy."

What does k beta esta en esta foot mean?

that is incorrect spanish, "k beta" does not have a translation, "esta en esta foot" means is in the foot

What is esta in spanish mean?

"Esta" means "this", referring to a feminine object. "Está" means "It is", "you are", "he is" or "she is", depending on context.

What does es esta su foto mean in spanish?

Is this your photo?