What does Lepus mean in latin?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Lepus (genitive leporis) is "hare."

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Q: What does Lepus mean in latin?
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What is Latin for rabbit?

Latin for rabbit is cuniculus. The Latin for hare is lepus.

What is the latin name for hares?


What is the Latin for hare?

The latin for hare/rabbit is - Lepor, the English word leveret - 'a young hare' comes from the latin 'Lepus'

What does lepus and le laprin mean in french?

"Lepus" is a Latin word that means "hare" in English, and "le lapin" is the French translation for "rabbit." Both refer to a small mammal with long ears and a fluffy tail.

What is the scientific name for snowshoe rabbit?

There are actually a lot of different types of hares and their specific scientific name would depend on which type of hare you are referring to.Hares belong to the genus Lepus. They are then grouped to different subgenus. Here is a list of Hares and their scientific names:Genus LepusSubgenus Macrotolagus Antelope jackrabbit, Lepus alleniSubgenus Poecilolagus Snowshoe hare, Lepus americanusSubgenus Lepus Arctic hare, Lepus arcticusAlaskan hare, Lepus othusMountain hare, Lepus timidusSubgenus Proeulagus Black-tailed jackrabbit, Lepus californicusWhite-sided jackrabbit, Lepus callotisCape hare, Lepus capensisTehuantepec jackrabbit, Lepus flavigularisBlack jackrabbit, Lepus insularisScrub hare, Lepus saxatilisDesert hare, Lepus tibetanusTolai hare, Lepus tolaiSubgenus Eulagos Broom hare, Lepus castroviejoiYunnan hare, Lepus comusKorean hare, Lepus coreanusCorsican hare, Lepus corsicanusEuropean hare, Lepus europaeusGranada hare, Lepus granatensisManchurian hare, Lepus mandschuricusWoolly hare, Lepus oiostolusEthiopian highland hare, Lepus starckiWhite-tailed jackrabbit, Lepus townsendiiSubgenus Sabanalagus Ethiopian hare, Lepus faganiAfrican savanna hare, Lepus microtisSubgenus Indolagus Hainan hare, Lepus hainanusIndian hare, Lepus nigricollisBurmese hare, Lepus peguensisSubgenus Sinolagus Chinese hare, Lepus sinensisSubgenus Tarimolagus Yarkand hare, Lepus yarkandensisSubgenus incertae sedis Japanese hare, Lepus brachyurusAbyssinian hare, Lepus habessinicus

What is a brown hare?

A brown hare is another name for the European hare, Latin name Lepus Europaeus.

What other types of rabbits are related to the desert jack rabbit?

The Desert Hare is a Lepus tibetanus of the subgenus, Proeulagus. Other hares in this subgenus are:Black-tailed Jackrabbit, Lepus californicusWhite-sided Jackrabbit, Lepus callotisCape Hare, Lepus capensisTehuantepec Jackrabbit, Lepus flavigularisBlack Jackrabbit, Lepus insularisScrub Hare, Lepus saxatilisTolai Hare, Lepus tolai.

What is the Latin name for the Arctic hare?

The latin name of the Arctic Fox is Vulpes lagopus.

What is the genus of lepus americanus rabbit?

The genus of Lepus Americanus (the Snow Shoe Hare) is Lepus. Americanus is the species.

What is the duration of Night of the Lepus?

The duration of Night of the Lepus is 1.47 hours.

Major stars in lepus constellation?

what are to major stars in the lepus constellation

What is the nickname for lepus?

The nickname for Lepus is "The Hare."