What does Noah mean in Greek?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Isaiah's brother, now don't mess with him. They stick together all the time. They love each other very much. They could never let each other go. BROTHERS FOR LIFE.

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Q: What does Noah mean in Greek?
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What does Jared mean in greek?

Jared is in the BIBLE as the father of Enoch and grandfather of Noah

What does noah mean in German?

noah is noah

Did greek mythology exist at the time of Noah?

Greek Mythology pre-dates Noah and the tales of the Bible; so, yes, it did, so too did Egyptian Mythology.

Was Noah a healer?

if you mean the Noah from the bible, no he was not

Who are the children of Prometheus?

The only child I know of is Deucalion, who was the Greek version of Noah.

Has Noah Cyrus gone crazy?

Noah is usually crazy lol :) but what do you mean?

What does Noah mean in Spanish?

Noah, as in the Biblical character and the name in general, is translated as: Noé.

What does noe mean in English?


How long was Noah in the great fish?

I think you mean Jonah, not Noah. See the Related Questions.

What doese the name Noah mean?

The name Noah means "rest" or "wandering" in Hebrew. It is well known as the name of a biblical figure who built an ark to survive a great flood.

Did Noah have immorality?

If you mean the Noah from Noah's Ark, there is no record of Noah being immoral, and it is slightly doubtful, since God chose him above everyone else on Earth at the time as a righteous man.

Do Muslims believe in Noah's arch?

If you mean arch, i have no idea what you are talking about. If you mean arc, like the boat, then yes, Muslims believe in Noah's arc.