What does acting lead to?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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2. Riches and fame if you cut it..

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Q: What does acting lead to?
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What is Sharon Jordan acting in now?

She recently wrapped the lead on "Shades of Gray."

Is the actor that plays the lead role in Avatar paralyzed in real life?

No, that was just acting

Where can I find acting lessons in Hollywood, CA?

There are several improvisation groups that offer acting lessons. You could also look for an acting coach, a talent agency representative would be able to give you a lead or a few numbers.

Is Victoria Justice still acting?

yes shes currently having lead role in nickelodeon show victorious

What actors and actresses appeared in Acting for Actors with J.R. Phitz - 2013?

The cast of Acting for Actors with J.R. Phitz - 2013 includes: Kiersten Hanly as J.R. Phitz Brennan Martin as The Man (lead)

What is the definition of a leading center in acting?

the part of the body that appears to lead gestures, such as the chest as a leading center for a brave character.

How did Will Smith get into acting?

before he was acting he was a rapper that probably lead to his acting career

When did Julia Ormond first get in to acting?

Julia Ormond first started acting while she was still in school where she appeared in My Fair Lady amongst other plays. This lead to many television roles followed by movie roles.

How did Victoria Justice get on nick?

She was on commercials and hoped her commercial acting would lead to becoming an actor on TV so she auditioned to be on Zoey101.

When a lead ball is placed on the surface of a viscous oil and is released which are the three forces acting on the ball?

gravity, buoyancy, surface tension.

What actors and actresses appeared in Marginal Remarks - 2010?

The cast of Marginal Remarks - 2010 includes: Arjuna Aattore as Dale(Lead-Supporting) Jenna Heffernan as Lead Chris Jorie as Acting Teacher

Do actors know they are acting?

Interesting question An actor knows he is going to "act' The problem comes that to portray some emotions, and situations they actually have to be that emotion (sad crying etc) this can lead to Physiological problems. So yes they know they are acting, but acting and being something are very close. Next time you are sad try acting happy, 85% of people will feel better.