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Q: What does adorno mean in spanish?
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What does motif means in Spanish?

motivo, tema recurrente; adorno

What is the birth name of Milo Adorno?

Milo Adorno's birth name is Yamil Josue Adorno Toro.

When did Francis Adorno die?

Francis Adorno died in 1586.

When was Francis Adorno born?

Francis Adorno was born in 1521.

When did Gabriele Adorno die?

Gabriele Adorno died in 1370.

When was Antoniotto Adorno born?

Antoniotto Adorno was born in 1340.

How tall is Adam Adorno?

Adam Adorno is 5' 10".

How tall is Milo Adorno?

Milo Adorno is 168 cm.

What is Theodor Adorno's birthday?

Theodor Adorno was born on September 11, 1903.

When did Antoniotto II Adorno die?

Antoniotto II Adorno died in 1528.

When was Aldo Adorno born?

Aldo Adorno was born on 1982-04-08.

When did Antoniotto Adorno die?

Antoniotto Adorno died on 1398-06-05.