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It means "Son" and also "Boy".

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Q: What does ben mean in Hebrew?
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What does the Hebrew word ben mean?

ben (בן) means either "son" or "son of"

What is a Ben Solomon?

'Ben' is the Hebrew word for 'son' and so a 'ben Solomon' in Hebrew and Bible terms is a son of Solomon.

How do you write Ben in Hebrew?

Ben = בן

What does the name Ben mean?

Traditionally, the name "Ben" is short for "Benjamin", which originates from the Hebrew, Biblical version of the name: "Binyamin", which comes from the Hebrew words "Ben Yamini", which translate as "son of my right hand," which is apparently how Jacob felt about his youngest son, Binyamin.

What does The name bin mean in Islam religion?

Dumb Question. Bin means Ben = Son of. As in Hebrew names, Arabic names have Ben in them as well.

What is son of in Hebrew?

"b'NAY ... "

Who is Ben Ami Carter?

Ben Ammi (born Ben Carter in the United States, 1939), also known as Ben Ammi Ben-Israel (Hebrew: בן עמי בן-ישראל‎; meaning "Son of my People, Son of Israel" in Hebrew) is the founder and spiritual leader of The African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem.

Is Ben a Jewish name?

Yes, Ben is a nickname of Benjamin, which is a Hebrew name. In Hebrew it is Binyamin (בנימין), meaning "son of the right hand."

What does Son mean in Hebrew?

There is no symbol for son, but the word for son is בן pronounced BEN.

What might a boy named Ben have as his Hebrew name?

Ben is a nickname for Benjamin, which is already a Hebrew name. In Hebrew it's pronounced Binyamin, and it's spelled בנימין

Why do all Hebrew boys names have ben in between the first and the last name?

All Hebrew names of males have this feature because "ben" means "son of". Girls' names have "bat" instead of "ben".

How do you say son in Hebrew?

ben - בן