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The phrase character sketch refers to a brief description of the personality of some person, real of fictional.

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Q: What does character sketches mean?
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character sketches

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character sketches

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What has the author Julius Bernard Maller written?

Julius Bernard Maller has written: 'Character sketches' -- subject(s): Character tests, Personality

What has the author Benjamin Boyce written?

Benjamin Boyce has written: 'The character-sketches in Pope's poems'

What has the author Jean Follain written?

Jean Follain has written: 'Les uns et les autres' -- subject(s): Character sketches

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A gangrenous leg according to his biographer Timothy M. Cooley p302 Sketches of the Life and Character of the Rev. Lemuel Haynes

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Sketches can be used as a noun or a verb. Noun: A rough design, plan, or draft. Verb:To make a sketch of; To make sketches Ex: The sketches of food were beautiful.

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What does character value mean?

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